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Why Choose Our Services?


We established to provide our clients with a service that other fundraising companies don't focus on, and that is long-term donor retention and fairly compensated employees. We provide a professional work environment and our employees are paid above the industry norm with full benefits, which in turn keeps the callers happy and motivated to create a personalized relationship with your donors.  


We will take care of your fundraising needs, but more importantly we will be your first line of contact with every citizen and business in your area so our ability to provide positive PR for your Association is appreciated by our clients sometimes more than the financial support we provide them.

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Client Testimonials


“I wanted to thank you for such great service and truly the best I've seen in telemarketing fundraising.”

- President Fire Fighter Association


“We’ve worked with 3 previous fundraising companies and none of them have provided results like this. You guys get it done and we get no complaints from our citizens. Keep up the good work”

– Treasurer, State Troopers Association


“You guys exceeded our previous 3 years fundraising revenue in your first year with us, I’m excited to see what the future holds for our partnership”

– Treasurer, Fire Fighter Association

Our Process


At ECS we take great pride in providing our clients with the highest quality of fundraising representation for their organizations. Your reputation is held above all else and our dedicated sales staff is trained according to your Local’s unique needs. We have proven fundraising systems in place that can be easily implemented for your organization, yet we also have the ability to build our service to facilitate your specific needs.  


Dialed Campaigns


Our Dialed campaigns are our most successful of our products. Our lead generation software gives us the most up to date information for the residents and businesses that we contact on your behalf. We are completely focused on long-term donor support which means we shy away from the turn-and-burn techniques used by others in the industry. The more time we take with a potential customer now, the easier it is to bring them into your donor base today or in the future. These campaigns are very successful from the financial side, but more importantly from the public relations side. Even if someone declines a contribution, they’re educated on your organization’s goals and projects and are more informed when we contact them in the future. Once a donor commitment is made we either mail the pledge kit to them for return payment, or pick up the contributions in person which puts a personal touch on the transaction.


Mail Only Campaigns


Once a donor base is established we offer this supplemental approach to your organization. This is a short term solution that is very effective at different times of the year like the holiday season or mid-summer. We take our existing donor base and contact via a mailer about a short-term drive that the Local is doing. This normally exhibits about a 10% return which doesn’t seem high but is a great way to fund once-a-year projects or similar goals.


Targeted Business Advertising


What business owner would argue with increasing their visibility to thousands of residences a month? Our targeted business advertising is very popular in the business community. We promote to the public the businesses that are of the same donor mindset as themselves. This also exposes those businesses to potential customers with disposable income which, when included with a great cause, is a terrific selling feature. We can legitimately increase the business’s client base while increasing your organization’s at the same time.  This “Win-Win" feature makes this service basically sell itself. 

Our Committment


100% Committed to helping our clients and their membership achieve their financial and civic goals.


Long-Term Donor Retention


Whether the donor contributes in the mail, online or in person, our goal is the long-term donation. We don’t want them to donate once or twice, we want them to donate for years to come. Our low-pressure approach ensures that your organization's name isn't tarnished when the contacted resident declines to contribute.  


​ With donor-contact representatives that are compensated in a way that makes our Labor partners proud, our teams represent your organization in an enthusiastic manner to your community. Some of our competitors pay a straight commission to their callers, that breeds pushiness and aggressive tactics that we don't tolerate.


Donors that contribute by mail receive a pledge kit up front that they can verify as legitimate before remitting their support. For those that contribute via credit/debit card we have full merchant services capabilities that submits the contribution directly to your organization, cutting out the middle man and getting the contributions to your organization immediately.


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