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Matthew Crow, President


Matthew has over 20 years of experience operating successful fundraising campaigns for dozens of Fire and Police Associations around the country. Beginning his career in Missouri and Illinois, he soon represented IAFF and Law Enforcement Associations in over 12 different states. Now based in the Northeast, he's committed to setting the bar in the Non-Profit Fundraising industry. 


His sales teams have raised millions of dollars in donations for city, county and state Locals in those areas over the years. With an "Employee and Client First" mentality, his teams have successfully turned market after market into a solid support base for the Associations that he's represented.


Mark Jackson, Director of Business Development


With over a decade's worth of experience in Business to Business sales, Mark leads our business fundraising efforts. Joining ECS in early 2012, Mark is revolutionizing business fundraising.  With Mark's leadership, our business donor base has increased over 175% in the same period. Improving business sales approaches with new technologies and events, our partners are in good hands with Mark at the helm.


Regional Fundraising Managers


​ Our regional managers have all started as associates and have been promoted by exceeding company standards in multiple areas. Each lead a team of 15-25 fundraising professionals for different partners. We're very happy to have their leadership as we grow into our new expansion.


Elizabeth Ellis-Crow, Executive Vice-President/CFO


Elizabeth is responsible for the financial management and activities, including corporate accounting, tax filings, HR and benefits. Her accounting background and business savvy has led to the company's quick growth and expansion. 

She also maintains relationships and registrations with Secretary of State offices and is responsible for all of our solicitation filings nationwide.

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