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Ellis Crow Solutions is the fastest growing fundraising company in the Northeast. We’re grateful to our dedicated employees for their hard work and are equally grateful to our outstanding clients for allowing us to provide a service for them that is unmatched in our industry.


We currently represent over 17,000 Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Paramedics, State Troopers and Detectives in some of the most populated areas in the country. Please browse our website to find out about career opportunities representing our nation’s heroes, or to find out about what we can do for your public safety association.

Join us and make an impact in

Your Community


Ellis Crow Solutions is responsible for large scale, full-service public outreach and fundraising on behalf of Police, Trooper and Fire Fighter Associations all over the country!


We spread public awareness about all the great things our heroes do, and generate the support needed to keep vital community programs going!

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Why choose
Our Services?


Our founder wanted to provide our clients with a service that other fundraising companies don't focus on, and that is long-term donor retention and fairly compensated employees. We provide a professional work environment and our employees are paid above the industry norm with full benefits, which in turn keep the callers happy and motivated to create a more enthusiastic relationship with your donors.  


We will take care of your fundraising needs, but more importantly we will be your first line of contact with every citizen and business in your area, so our ability to provide positive PR for your Association is appreciated by our clients sometimes more than the financial support we provide them.



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